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9 Ways to Increase Your Personal Value.

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

At some point, it is safe to bet that we thought we had life figured out. We knew how old we would be when we married, the number of kids, income level, cars, homes, etc. Then one day, you assess your current life situation and find that you have yet to reach the target(s).

Being constantly connected to the world around us, whether it is through social media, personal interactions, "reality" television, it has become easier for us to peek into the lives of others. The "peeks" allow for comparison, and it seems that everyone is having so much fun and success in their lives while yours maybe just, BLAH. Remember, perception is not always reality, but if you are feeling that you have run into an escape-less maze, at least one of our growth magnets may help you out of your rut!

Further your education.

Pursing an upper-level degree or certification program can be a great way to make you more valuable and marketable in the workforce. Vocational schools have also gained a lot of popularity over the years (they are often lumped into what people consider to be trade programs). Vocational schools can lead you to entrepreneurship because you can become a qualified Cosmetologist, Mechanic, Medical Transcriptionist, Florist, and the list goes on. The workforce is more competitive than ever (I know you are probably tired of hearing that), but with so many now having access to higher education, you really have to STANDOUT. I have found through my work experience, that if a job has minimal requirements only those who exceed them usually make it to the final round of being a potential hire. It is imperative that you diversify your income and have multiple income streams to stay ahead in this economy.

Your personal value does not decrease based on your supervisor(s) or employer's inability to acknowledge or utilize it!

Learn a trade.

Many people open part-time businesses and/ or full-fledged careers due to the flexibility and experience that a trade allows. With most trades, you can easily start a business as long as you have gained the skills necessary to qualify for certifications and boards. Also, they tend to take less time than going the traditional college route and are usually less expensive (win-win). Some examples of trade careers are Painters, Plumbers, HVAC, Electricians, and many others. However, it is important to know that these jobs typically require physical and manual labor, so be ready to put your back into it... literally.

Take advantage of professional development courses.

Many larger companies offer ongoing professional development courses that are intended to make you a more well-rounded and productive employee. They are often not mandatory unless specifically stated, but attending them definitely shows that you are devoted to growing and adding value to your team, department, and/ or organization. You will likely get a certificate of completion that you can proudly display, you can add those training sessions to your resume, and you get to network with coworkers from various areas that you may have not met otherwise.

Perfect a hobby.

With platforms such as Pinterest and Etsy, many creatives have begun to see just how lucrative crafts can be. However, do not only limit your creativity to just craft-based projects; baking, gardening, fitness, photography, dancing, thrifting, and so forth, has given many individuals the boost they needed. You can find countless stories as to how stay at home parents have replaced their former income, people were able to partner with corporations to demonstrate and test out their products, new business ventures were created, and so on. The most important thing is to stick with it and get your products in front of customers (if you want to make a career out of it). If you are looking for an outlet, it is equally important for you to push your creative boundaries and challenge yourself, so that you will not become bored.

Take a risk/ Challenge yourself.

We often feel bored with life because we have reached a plateau. Complacency will definitely throw you into feelings of despair and hopelessness, due to the feeling that you have obtained all that is possible in that particular area. I read somewhere that "humans have legs and not roots because we are expected to move." How true is that? Do not feel that you have to remain somewhere because of the amount of time invested or that you cannot be open to new opportunities due to current responsibilities. Weigh your pros and cons, and step outside of your comfort zone. It can be something so simple as singing karaoke in a public place, drinking more water, or updating your wardrobe- to the extremes of sky diving or quitting a job. Whatever you do, do not stop encouraging yourself to try new experiences.


A change in scenery can be enough to open our eyes to the world around us. Breathing new air, seeing new faces, tasting new foods, hearing different sounds can have such a positive and renewing effect on our mental state. You do not necessarily have to travel outside of your country, but go somewhere you have not been or go to a place that will evoke pleasant memories. Allow yourself to have fun. Set aside spending money to take advantage of attractions and local shopping. Do not limit yourself to chain stores and restaurants (due to familiarity), submerge yourself in the culture and the everyday life of the locals.

Join professional organizations/ Community service.

Just about every industry that exists has a professional organization that coincides with it. By joining, you are keeping your self abreast of industry trends, changes and regulations. You may even get special discounts by being an active member, you may get to attend conferences all over the world, and most importantly you get to network. Opportunities are gained and executed by knowing the "right" people; do not hold back in fear of not having an immediate payoff. Volunteering will keep you from feeling idle and can give you a way to maximize your time and energy. Community service and selfless deeds are intrinsically rewarding, and will often refuel you in a way that tangible things cannot.

Start journaling.

Writing it down forces us to recognize things for what they are. I remember when I started writing down my affirmations over three years ago. I found my old journal recently and was able to check off many of the items that I had hoped to one day complete. If you had asked me prior to seeing those journal entries, I would have probably told you that I felt stagnant in many of those areas, without realizing what I had truly accomplished. Note: journaling is not supposed to be like a "dear diary" entry, but it can be whatever you want it to be. Search deep within yourself to find your likes and dislikes, your outlets, your goals, and it should eventually lead you to your purpose.

Alter your mindset.

Sometimes a change in perspective is all that is needed in order to see that growth has been happening all along. Just because you are not where you want to be, figure out the lessons that are a part of your current journey. Life happens whether we want it to or not, so it crucial that you find those hidden gems that will keep you growing forward!

The Bible tells us in Matthew 12:33 "make a tree good and its fruit will be good or make a tree bad and its fruit will be bad, for a tree is recognized by its fruit (NIV)." We have to be mindful of our expectations especially if we are not putting forth the required efforts to achieve them and/ or if they are coming from a place of greed/ selfishness. There is a time for everything to take place in our lives, so instead of succumbing to defeat, pray and ask God what is it that He is trying to teach you. Therefore, be ready to exhibit obedience to His response.

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