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We pride ourselves on being an ally to small businesses!



The mission of The Finance Boutique is to Educate, Advise, and Empower our clients so that productive and healthy action steps are being taken towards business management & professional development.



We help business owners obtain & manage their finances, create systems/ processes for better resource allocation, along with start-up and expansion assistance. To really deliver on the "boutique" experience, we deliver high-quality consulting services that will help you exceed your industry's standards.

It is our goal to become a community steward, that is always acting in favor of the people who need us most. Through education, advisement, and empowerment we're teaching business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs how to compete and sustain for the long haul by building on a platform/ community of trust, resourcefulness, and authenticity. ⁠


The Finance Boutique was formed to address the lack of accessible, yet high-quality consulting available to most business owners.

We take our clients' long-term success very seriously; truly operating in our core values of "Educating, Advising, and Empowering." Most importantly, we meet you where you are and help to grow you into your maximum self.


Our business and professional development processes are thorough because we develop the majority of our tools and resources. Also, we want the mutual satisfaction of knowing you'll conquer your strategic, financial, and professional goals!


We look forward to being your partner in growth and success!                

-Love, Your Advocate,



Meet the Consultant

better known as

Your Advocate


Consulting Stats

Candanise Courtney

Candanise Courtney is the Founder and Lead Consultant for The Finance Boutique, LLC. TFB is a consulting company that advises clients on matters pertaining to professional development, business management, and development. 

Candanise is a Certified Business Counselor, a designation earned through her years as a Business Counselor with the Small Business Development Centers network. She has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a concentration in Human Resources and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Business Management. She's earned a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Business & Marketing. Currently, she is pursuing her Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree with a specialization in Marketing.

She has consulted with over 200 entrepreneurs, helped to open over 42 new businesses, and assisted clients in generating over $6 Million in capital formation for the state of Mississippi. She is an Assistant Professor of Business and Marketing at Belhaven University.  

7+ Years of

Over 200 Entrepreneurs Consulted 

Produced over $6M in Capital 

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