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8 Ways to Stay in Control of Your Day!

There's no magical formula for having a great day or life. People who are happy and productive, choose to be that way and make the conscious effort to see it through. Wondering how you can enact some positive changes in your life? Please, keep reading.

1. Wake up with a gracious heart and set the tone for your day.

Regardless of the tips provided in this article, you must declare and foster the type of day you want to have. Things will likely happen throughout your day that is completely out of your control; that is life. Therefore, it is all about your response when wanting to protect your peace and sanity. Command your day by declaring your expectations and intentions from the very start of it.

2. Have a planner/ checklist to help you prioritize.

Relying on memory alone is the easiest way to find yourself spiraling into a chaotic workday. Forgetting essential tasks will make you seem unreliable and create a sense of being in a constant rat race. Save yourself the unnecessary effort by working productively and efficiently. Whether you use a planner, notepad, dry erase board, etc., take full advantage of it and write down your thoughts, ideas, and daily to-dos.

3. Work during your scheduled hours (leave the remainder of your day open for non-business related activities).

Working all day can create a damaging cycle that will dismantle any hopes of having work and life harmony. Each day may need to be prioritized differently, but if you allow work to infiltrate every part of it, you may never grant yourself the flexibility you need to stay afloat. As parents, spouses, college students, people with active social lives, it is so easy to put work off to tend to other things, but still, try to find a way to give yourself a cutoff time.

4. Take breaks to refuel and disconnect from your work.

The “booked and busy” mindset can quickly leave you feeling empty and overwhelmed. It is imperative to allow time in your day to enjoy the fruits of your labor and unplug from work demands. The saying, “you cannot pour from an empty cup,” rings true when we think about the times we allow ourselves to be worked into a stupor and act out in frustration because of it. It is okay to have breathing space and not feel as if every time slot of your day has to be booked with a task.

5. Do not negatively compare yourself or your business to anyone else (this is not the same as benchmarking).

We live in a society based on consumerism, which means we are always being marketed to and encouraged to enhance our lives by buying new things/ experiences. Do not ever look at yourself as unworthy of your dreams because, as popularly stated, “comparison is the thief of joy.” Our expectations and perceptions, if not grounded in reality, will cause us to hurt over things that were never supposed to be a part of our lives. Congratulate and be happy for others, because the energy you put out into the world will always find its way back to you. We cannot expect a life of happiness and fulfillment when we constantly desire or delight in the downfall of others.

6. Ask for help or delegate tasks when you can.

We do not receive any additional rewards by running ourselves ragged while proclaiming that we did it “all” on our own. The most successful people often found the greatest leverage in their team. It is okay to ask for and receive help. Sure, there may be plenty of examples of how asking for assistance went wrong, so be sure to have a strong vetting process. Trust and credibility go a long way when trying to connect with the “right” type of people or businesses.

7. Know that mistakes can happen.

You are human; it is how you act in response that makes the difference. In life, we are only promised a handful of things, and one of those is that nothing will be perfect. We are flawed by nature, so awaiting perfect opportunities and perfect people will leave you barren. Make the most of where you are, take in all of the lessons this season in your life may be trying to teach you. Even more importantly, remember that where you are today does not dictate where you will be tomorrow, but your actions will either serve as an anchor to hold you back or a propeller to push you forward.

8. Remember, life is a journey, not a destination.

Is there ever a point in life where we are completely satisfied? We may come close, but there will still be opportunities for improvement, areas where we can be more efficient and innovative thoughts that may spring, and people that will light a new fire within us. Do not place a finish line where God is only giving us a pitstop.

Jeremiah 29:11 provides a great message for those who may be wondering why we may be experiencing certain things or how we can make the most of what we currently have. Stating “for I know the plans I have for you” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future (NIV).” Now, how can you not have a great day when you know that it will all come together in the end? All of the “goods” and “bads” are a part of your unique life story.

How do you find the positives in each day? How do you keep yourself motivated and encouraged?

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